LOVE, rising from the ashes.

We bring an alternative fusion of rhythms from Latin, Rock, Reggae, and acoustic sounds influenced by U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Santana, Draco, Jarabe de Palo, and Bob Marley, creating a unique experience for all listeners. The band’s Puerto Rican roots have been a great influence on their sound as well, which can be seen in many of their own songs.

Evans, began to record his first single in 2017, “Madre Tierra”. Through the course of his life, there has been a desire to express feelings and experiences through music that have been part of his personal growth and shaped the path of who he has become. With the support from his wife Dayana, daughter Tatiana and all family, the opportunity to express those experiences has finally arrived.

What began as a solo artist project has evolved into an opportunity to meet and collaborate with talented musicians and bring everyone together to express their hearts through music.

Our mission is to reconnect everyone ready to listen to a lost truth that is now rising from the ashes through our music.